App, web, IoT

EasyIQ makes processes more efficient by improving the availability and quality of information as much as possible. We do this with the use of digital applications that make use of innovations such as apps, web applications, Internet of things and data intelligence. A mouthful of large concepts, which we try to apply as simply as possible in order to achieve the desired end result through small steps. We are strong in making this technology simple and applicable on the basis of customized and standard software such as the IQplatform.

Frans-Willem behind his desk

Acquire knowledge

Consultancy services

By doing a definition study together we investigate where the possible improvements within your organization and / or processes lie. This way we arrive at solutions that suit you best and are most cost-effective.

UX design


App & web development

If it appears that additional software and / or apps can support you and / or your colleagues in the daily course of events, then EasyIQ has the knowledge and possibilities to develop this software for and with you.

Monitoring heat maps


We monitor everything that shares data

We map the environment of organizations real-time by continuously collecting and analyzing data. Tracking people or company cars, geofencing of materials, retrieving medical equipment in a hospital, monitoring the temperature of cooled medicines or food in real time. We accurately map everything that happens in the environment of an organization and we support you with easy-to-use apps and dashboards.



Work more efficiently through acquiring extra information

The right information with the right person at the right time. A critical part of day-to-day operations for most companies. We provide companies with better insight into what is happening outside, which means that quality, safety and efficiency increase. We do this by placing smart sensors in materials or vehicles, that communicate with the Internet. We process this data quickly and securely into relevant information and display it in easy-to-use apps and dashboards. We make complex technology 'Easy' and that is our strength.