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The cloud platform for smart applications

IQplatform is an innovative platform that forms the basis of many projects that we realize for our customers. With a number of basic components such as hardware management, event processing and data analysis, a new application is quickly realized. The software is provided in combination with components such as maps, reports and apps. If desired, we adjust the existing software to your liking.

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Measure, analyze, decide

IQplatform provides decision making support based on data acquisition and real time notifications. As soon as data matches predefined patterns real-time actions are performed. All data is stored making it possible to generate reports. EasyIQ focuses on an end to end solution. We take care of the complete chain of hardware, communication and software services: By combining the best hardware from different parties and being independent, we can guarantee that we find the best combination for every client.

Image that represents the digital twin of our world

Shaping the digital twin

To take advantage of IoT applications, a digital print of the environment is made. This print is also called the 'digital twin'. Sensors in the real world give their data to this digital twin. By analysis and calculations, insights emerge that can serve to support decisions by people and machines. Decisions resulting in the adjustment of processes in the physical world. The digital model of the environment is configured and maintained using the IQplatform. This model consists of IoT hardware which generates data and focuses on people and resources that we want to track. It also creates indoor and outdoor maps and records events that show how the system responds to incoming data.

Image that shows a person walk into a geofenced area

Responding to environment activity

The event manager performs actions based on predefined rules. Sensor data is analyzed immediately and compared with the set rules. If a condition is met, then action will follow. For example, geofencing patients in a hospital. If a patient walks outside and is not under supervision, then a message is sent to the control room. Complex events can be 'programmed' in a simple way in the IQplatform.

Conceptual image of an API

IQplatform API

IQplatform is the foundation for the development of product and client-specific IoT applications. The platform handles the collection, storage, processing and enrichment of incoming sensor data. Apps, dashboards and back-ends use these functions and information via the Application Programmable Interface (API).

Image that shows a person walk from an indoor location to outdoor

Unified location services

IQplatform is designed to handle multiple source and data types simultaneously. For example, the location of a person or object can be registered by different location sensors, which send different types of data via different data networks to the platform. The data is streamlined so that different types of hardware generate one type of internal data of streams and maps.

Image that shows a few reports in the platform


IQplatform has a wide portfolio of possibilities for analysis. The event manager generates events based on real-time calculations. The report module converts the data into informative overviews, in the form of a table and a graph. It is also possible to use the map module for reports. For example, layers can be laid over the map to add extra information to it.